Hunger For More: Let Go

“You are who you hang out with!” is almost like saying, “you are what you eat!”. Let us think about how similar these statements are.

I am a big piece of fatty meat, juicy as ever, looking for a side dish to compliment me. However, the plate that I share with other types of food doesn’t seem to fit with my initial flavor. Food has different characteristics that complement each other and flavors that blatantly make you vomit (exes, stupid people, etc.). Food has a mood. This is an excellent metaphor for all human relationships.

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We, as humans, want to taste different flavors, and we seek various connections. “You are what you eat” holds the same meaning as “you are who you hang out with.”

We make friends with people who are alike or an adaptation of us.

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Once we are friends with someone, we tend to adapt their opinions, manners, and behavior. This is called homophily. Have you ever been acquainted with someone, and you start to use the same expressions, reactions, and outlook on life? This happens in every close human connection.

I didn’t fully grasp that concept until I realized I was confiding in people who were not precisely goal-oriented, and I started reflecting on my lack of drive. I became lazy and defeated. The food on my plate started to taste tired and dull. That comfort meal I always fed myself with, became spoiled.
I was still hungry. Not satisfied.
I needed to change the course. How am I going to start with a fresh new plate?

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First, you have to try one new food at a time. You need to know what flavors you offer and how you could be prepared, cooked, and served. Once you have mastered your signature flavor, then you can explore what goes on your dish. Getting to know who you are as a person, your potential, goals, and interests helps when you are seeking a new circle of friends. Some recipes won’t work. That’s alright!

When we look to improve ourselves as people, we filter out the harmful ingredients. The fantastic thing about homophily is that when we shift and grow as people, our friends will continue on that journey with us or stay the same. When people shift with you, it is a fantastic adventure to share. I have a few old friends I reconnect with that push me to be brave and confident to ignite a strive for excellence and hunger for my life. I have goals and a motive to also see my friends succeed. By motivating each other, our hunger increases.

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Throughout this journey, I am learning to master my signature flavor and innovating every day. I am well on my way to become Gordon Ramsay certified. Filtering and knowing what’s on my plate has been a crucial part of my growth. My daily meals do not make me sick, they give me energy with purity and wellness.

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Listen, It’s okay to leave friends behind and foods you do not enjoy anymore. It’s okay to feel like you need a change in scenery if you feel stuck or hurt. It’s okay to always want to feel hungry for more.

Life is an endless plate filled with endless flavors, and it’s time you strive to expand your palate.

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Always have a hunger for your life.

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