Women in the Media: Introduction

Have you ever judged another woman based on her clothing, boyfriend, and money? Have you ever lashed out to a girl, calling her a bitch or a cunt?
At least that’s what I’ve heard from many different women in regards to feeling and looking good. How can we judge ourselves without scrutiny? How can we look in the mirror and feel okay with who we see?

Source: Unsplash

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “ew I look ugly today”? Who in their right mind would say that to their closest friends, family, or even a stranger?
I would never repeat the mean words I say to myself in the mirror to anybody. I know I do not have designer clothing, maybe my hair is in a messy bun with chunks of mascara below my eyes, but that does not make me ugly. It makes me comfortable. Comfortable to feel uncomfortable?

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When I should be unpleasant to look pleased.

Maybe this is a bit careless, but why do we have to care all the damn time?
Why do we care? Women are always told by the media how to look. From shampoo commercials, the wardrobe of Barbie Dolls to the food we eat.

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Our image is still up for discussion. Standards are at a high unreachable pedestal that is toxic and confusing. Especially for young girls and teenagers who are struggling with their self-identity.

The way we want to look, feel, or act is heavily based on what men want. Our understanding of the world tends to be informed by men’s lived experiences, that often fails to include women’s experiences, and account for how they might be different.

Yet the media itself misrepresents us, women. It is not until recently, people of the internet recognize the lack of inclusivity.

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Women are versatile, understudied, and always at war with each other.

Source: Unsplash

Hey media, I’m coming for you.

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