Joanna Panayi Reciting Roses


Red rose is my favourite colour

Dripping in the showers of summer

Hidden as the thorns that stab me

Roses are a special beauty 

Like a flower I bloom with fragility

My petals fall in souls of the earth

Getting damaged and trampled 

Like my beauty in the dirt

The petals loom through my heart

The thorns reside in my head 

And Sometimes I’d like to be dead  

My thoughts numb my ability to love

My thoughts numb my ability to laugh

My thoughts numb my ability to live

Dead in a sense where I am alive 

The feelings are gone 

End of the thread that strings my pain

Yet my petals are all you’ve seen

The thorns are hidden

But they route deep into my stem 

My inner demons are not something you can hem 

You may not see as clearly as me

The fact you’re going to face a fleet

You stole my heart, my religion, my soul

And now I am empty with nothing no more 

I hope you see the way

To return from where you strayed 

God will find a way 

And now I can only pray

Do you know what this means?

You brought me to my feet 

And now I’m on my knees praying 

That you stop stealing 

My faith is so strong 

And though you may be wrong 

I’ll be laughing while you bleed 

While your begging on your knees 

I’ll be blooming when you hurt 

Cause God knows I’m pure

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