2020 Dream

The first dream I had of 2020,
I was in an apartment with this boy I just met at a Greek dance, We were together, living in this apartment. I remember thinking he was a bit weird, quiet, but I liked him. I felt a secure connection with him. Throughout this apartment building, my family was always surrounding me. I started walking and discovering this building…. so I left my family.
As I was walking around, I got my period! My ovary was bursting into gushes of blood like I’ve been stabbed! (yeah, that’s not how it works). BUT, I was drenched in blood. Somehow, this building changed to a professional theatre I worked for. I was working with my coworkers telling them about my ovary, and then their ovaries would burst! Word of mouth about my ovary reached the women of my workplace and the contagion of my bloody ovary, repeated with them.
Does this mean something?
I was avoiding the topic of my ovary bursting, so no more blood was spilled. Backstage was filled with blood. Could this be my femininity radiating? Losing blood could mean my loss of strength and energy in this particular environment. I knew deep down, that is precisely what was happening!
After this, I walk upstairs to the stage during the live show. I was told by the director to go on stage and do freestyle choreography. I go on stage, and I’m doing something completely different from everybody else! Everyone was doing the same choreography. However, I remained to move and sway to my own beat. I ran off embarrassed. Then as I am walking off, the CEO of my theatre company came to the conclusion that we are performing a play that I wrote. At this time ( in real life), I was doing production for Elf the Musical.
All of a sudden, I was dressed as Buddy the elf, feeling overwhelmed.
I ran out of the building, sprinting away from this theatre like I was being chased. While I ran frantically, I was laughing and overjoyed with happiness. The escape was exhilarating.
I ran right to the scholastic book store and asked for a job.

I know this dream has significance in solidifying my goals and what I needed to let go of my old life.

My art has transformed. I have found new aspects of art, not just theatre that ignite my soul. I do not want to be boxed into one thing. That is not in my Spirit. I am not a logical thinker, and I am made to pave my own path. I have a big mouth. Giving through my creativity is an energy surge that empowers me to become better.

Playing safe is not my game. Let my words take me.


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  1. Electra

    Joanna you have opened my eyes to things I knew but only whispered. Your words are inspirational and wise. These are things that all girls should take to heart and impower us,regardless of nationality,Creed or colour we as women are like caterpillars. We become the husk that society molds us, but when we discover or true selfs, confident and impowered we emerge as the beautiful butterflies we truly are.
    I hope your words can reach all people with low self-esteem on an international level as well.
    I hope in your future writing, you touch on other nationalities like for instance how Aboriginal women and our gay,lesbian youths of today that need a boost as well.
    Keep up the great work, take pride in it cause I believe you can inspire the world😁
    Here’s to seeing you world wide.

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