Ancient History

Now that you see me, 

You hate that I am free,

Well let me see, 

You never showed me, 

I was far from me.

You hid me from the world,

Now that I escaped, I see more clear.

Naked out here, the breeze is fresh dear, 

You fogged me up, 

When I was ripe,

You took advantage. 

And now that I’m me, 

I get him to the Greek, 

The Greek got you and just like mythology, I don’t believe in this

,Now we are history. 

It rained everyday, 

Now the sun is blazing .

I’m amazing.

I told you Ella, 

You let me down fella. 

When they get me 

I always get em to the Greek. 

I get him to the Greek. 

He will miss this euro beauty, 

Like Aphrodite, 

Goddess of love, I am high up,

And I’m flying like a dove. 

Get him to the Greek, this ain’t a fertilinity, it’s called history 

Ancient history, see all these ruins, that’s what you did to me!

Ancient history, get him to the Greek, it’s all that I can see!

Ancient history, Ancient history, now I’ve become a goddess, 

You can’t reach me. 

You’re out there acting like you have it all, 

But when you speak, it’s all false. 

You had a chance, a shot, why do they wanna always make you crumble? 

Troy is the world, and I’m Helen. 

They all fall to my feet, but they can not touch me, 

You Better watch your back,

cause you made me see black.

And now we are history. 

Stab you with a knife, Armageddon. 

This ain’t worth the fight.

They say history repeats itself, but not with me. 

A new age. Peace prosperity with only me, 

You are a peasant 

I descend from Olympus. , 

I will never feel less, even you made me feel like a mess.

Never again. I’m a goddess, 

 Shame on your blindness.

This ain’t meek, I’m purposeful, no longer weak, boy. 


Oh I don’t think so, Cronus made me, my uncle is zeus, I’ll strike you with my lightning. I’m pure, not poisoned.

I can make you love, 

Turn you to stone, 

Karma? No,

Only the gods can decide. What goes around comes around. 

Boy bye. 

I’m on cloud nine

I need a Hercules, someone who isn’t afraid of feeling me! 

I’m not weak

I know I’m a freak, I’m not weak

Ancient history, blazing, amazing 

I’m a goddess, flawless. 

Reach me now. 



Just like this relationship, my feelings have died. 

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